Frank....I was a little frustrated finding a way to get ready for the exam for the "Advanced" qualification....then through a little research found your site....subscribed....studied.....and passed the Advanced Exam.....with a mark in the 90's....No aquestion that study material alone does not pass takes diligence from the "studier" ......but after saying that.....I found your site a "must".....great set-up.....I found the most valuable thing was the "self quiz" at the end of each section.....helped me retain the info....Thank you so much for the help....I achieved a goal that I thought was still years away....because of the time involved to absorb so much material....I have recommended this site to a couple of other hams that also dream about obtaining their "Advanced Qualification"

Thanks so much for this, Frank. (logon information) I'm hoping to do better than my husband....he only got 98% on his!!

I still tell people how good your course was. I am the one that passed my advanced 4 days after my basic. You guys helped.

Id just like to say thank you for hamstudy. I passed my test on Saturday...96%. Found all I needed on your site. Hope to hear you on the air waves.

Congratulations on the web page. Over the last 12 years I have been responsible for setting up Ham courses in ....... , the numbers are getting less and it looks as if you have produced the answer to my prayers. I am passing on the link info to all the prospective hams, so far 3, and I hope they go ahead with the course - it works out cheaper than we have to charge anyway!

Thanks a lot! With the help of your site - I passed my basic exam.

Just a short note to thank you for your patience and answering my questions re After a couple of years of procrastination, I passed the Basic exam a couple of weeks ago and Industry Canada granted my request today for my callsign. Thanks again for your help.

I like your study web site and think it is the way to go to study for my basic. I could work at home and on breaks at work without hauling a text book around.

Thanks for the GREAT site!

All the best. I think you have an absolutely fantastic site. The ARRL should be chatting with you guys since you seem to have a real knack for this kind of learning system.

I would like to order subscriptions to your course material on the HAMSTUDY.COM for 30 students whose names and email addresses are listed below.

Keep up the good work and thanks for being there

Thanks for the current material... you have put a heck of a lot of work into it.

Hope things are going well with your Hamstudy well for us here..

The most encouraging factor for them, i believe, has been seeing your bite-sized readings followed by just a few related questions. This presents Amateur Radio as something a beginner can approach with confidence.

I am in the process of "elmering" a couple of new hams and am planning to recommend that they subscribe to your course, it looks great as a basis for their main study, with me helping out where they have questions

I think the students who attempted the exam had used your site quite extensively. The material on the site eliminated the wasteful printing of the question and provided the extra motivation to go there as often as possible, as it was time-sensitive.

We signed up again.

Thanks again for your great service.

As a future ham, I want to thank you for putting together this web site.

Your courses in Basic & Advanced are fantastic! Advanced was not an easy task, very technical, as you well know. I now have the Basic Certificate proudly hanging in my shack with my Advanced in the Mail, Yahoo!!

Thank you very much Frank.....I will be sure to recommend to anyone I know who is interested in taking the course.

Thanks for the great product. I wrote my basic exam last Tuesday and passed with an 82%!

Thanks Frank, I got it ok, and I wrote the exam yesterday; 94%, your website helped a lot!

Another Ham Class season is upon us and unlike previous years, we are considering to offer both Basic and our first Advanced class this year. Looks like we have the classroom secured and working on obtaining a couple more instructors. Student feedback on Hamstudy has been excellent from the Basic classes and I would like to make it part of the advanced offering as well.

I passed my Basic exam over two weeks ago and I'm now VA6.... I went on the air on 2 meters for the first time last night and enjoyed myself. Thanks a lot. I'm planning on studying for my Advanced in the next few weeks, so I'll be sending you a cheque for that.

Thank you, Frank. I passed with 96% this evening.

I passed the basic exam with 97% after just about 10 days of study. Not bad for a 63 year old retired guy, eh!

Just thought that you might like to know, I have passed my Advanced. Thank you very much for your assistance through the study sessions.

Just wanted to let you know that your study site worked very well for me. I wrote the exam last night and got a mark of 96%! I used a combination of the RAC manual, your site and the on-line test generator. I also attended a few sessions at the Kitchener-Waterloo ham course but my schedule has not let me attend very many, hence my enrollment at your site.

Just thought I would let you know I wrote my test today and received an 85% so I have basic with honors. I hope I get the call sign VA3... I guess I will know in a week or two if I do. Great study guide. It was a big help. I think in the near future I will try for my advanced certificate.

Thanks Frank, I got it ok, and I wrote the exam yesterday; 94%, your website helped a lot!

I have written and passed the exam for the Advanced qualification. Thanks again for maintaining a great site! I know it helped me.

I have been working through the study materials for the advanced license on your site and it's going very well. I really like the way it's laid out.....

I just wanted to let you know that I went for the test today and got my license with a score of 92%. Thanks again for the site. I'll certainly recommend it to others and I'll be signing up again when it comes time to write the advanced test.

I studied for my basic exam using your website material for 2 1/2 months. I got 90% on the exam.

Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know I just passed my advanced today (84%) and a good bit of thanks goes to your study guide.

Thank you for extending my Hamstudy subscription. Using only your site I was able to get 95% on the basic test and am now VA7...

Just a heads up to let you know that we will be using as a companion course with our formal basic course. I expect to have about 15 people in the course....

Just wanted to let you know that I wrote my Advanced exam and passed with 96%. I found Hamstudy material very, very helpful. Thanks again.

I've tried a couple of tests on your Hamstudy site. I am a blind computer user and thought you might like to know that the site worked perfectly with my text-to-speech program......Your site will be an immense help in preparing for the exam. Many thanks.

First I have to thank you for creating such a great resource for Ham exam preparation. I really like the format as it's just right for the way I learn.....

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