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Hamstudy.com offers two online self study courses for the Canadian Basic and Advanced amateur radio exams.
The Basic self study course has all of the questions released in the October 20, 2020 issue of the question bank issued by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Hamstudy.com has all the study notes and the complete question bank needed for a Basic or Advanced self study course. Hamstudy.com is great for self study and ideal for use in conjunction with ham classes for student homework & review. Instructors should click on "More Info" in the top navigation bar for an example of how Hamstudy.com is being used in a classroom setting.

To get a feel for how the self study courses are organized and operate, you can browse for free through a limited selection of Basic and Advanced topics by clicking "Sample Basic" or "Sample Advanced" in the top navigation bar.
Full access requires a 30 or 90 day subscription. Bulk orders for instructors with 5 or more students receive special discounts.

To register, click on "Register Here" in the top navigation bar.

The Basic course is available in print for students who prefer to study from a book 
The fourth edition of the HAMSTUDY BASIC 2021/2022 is published by Radio Amateurs of Canada and is available from Amazon.

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This Study Guide has been designed to get you started in Amateur Radio with 20 to 35 hours of study. 
The complete October 2020 Question Bank is included in this edition.
Good luck with your studies - Frank VE7AV

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